Matillion ETL Shared Job

Delete file(s) from a bucket in Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

The shared job will fail if the bucket is not known, or if the object name did not match any files, or if the instance credentials lack the necessary privilege.


Bucket NameThe GCS bucket name (do not include the gs:// prefix, do not include the object path)
Object NameThe GCS object name (including path, but do not prefix with /). You can use wildcard characters to delete multiple files, although neither the -f nor -r flags are used with gsutil. For more information refer to Google’s gsutil documentation


GCS permissions are inherited from the Matillion ETL VM instance. Ensure that the Service Account attached to your Matillion ETL VM instance has permission to read and delete objects from cloud storage. For more information, refer to the “IAM in GCP” section in this article on RBAC in the Cloud.

This shared job uses the gsutil command to delete the file(s). It is only pre-installed by default on GCP VM instances.


Licensed under: Matillion Free Subscription License

Download METL-1.51.5-delete-gcs-file.melt

Installation instructions

How to Install a Matillion ETL Shared Job

Author: Matillion