Matillion ETL Shared Job

Create a Snowflake table from staged data file(s).

Call this shared job by Snap Analytics from a Matillion ETL orchestration job to create a permanent, relational table with columns inferred from the file(s) found in a named internal or external stage, and parsed by a named file format.

Create Snowflake Table From File

The shared job can parse CSV, JSON, AVRO, ORC, PARQUET and XML files.


Create or ReplaceEnter “Replace” to use CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE. Any other values will use CREATE TABLE
Database NameDatabase Name, or ${environment_database} to use the environment default
Schema NameSchema Name, or ${environment_default_schema} to use the environment default
Table NameName of table to be created
Stage NameStage Name, with optional path. Do not include the @ character
File Format nameName of the File Format to use


The file(s) to be analyzed must already exist in the Snowflake Stage. It is best to run this on one file at a time unless you are confident the schema is identical in all the files.

The file format must already exist. You can use a Create File Format component to (re-)create the file format in Matillion ETL prior to use, as shown in the screenshot above.


Licensed under: Matillion Free Subscription License

Download METL-aws-sf-1.61.6-create-snowflake-table-from-file.melt

Installation instructions

How to Install a Matillion ETL Shared Job

Author: Snap Analytics