Matillion ETL Shared Job

Load data exported from a CDC agent into target tables on your chosen cloud data platform.

Please refer to the CDC shared jobs overview for full documentation.

These shared jobs are fully productionized and utilize a common pattern developed by the solution engineers within Matillion. The general steps to implement and manage them are detailed below.

Note that these shared jobs do not work with the Manage Change Data Capture feature in Matillion ETL. Instead, these shared jobs are for the CDC loading feature in Matillion Change Data Capture.


Each shared job has its own reference page for information:

For Snowflake, one additional shared job is provided:

Schema Drift

Schema Drift is handled by the shared jobs and is also covered in further detail in the CDC shared jobs overview document.


Licensed under: Matillion Free Subscription License

Download matillion-data-loader-cdc-bq.melt

Download matillion-data-loader-cdc-dl.melt

Download matillion-data-loader-cdc-rs.melt

Download matillion-data-loader-cdc-sf.melt

Installation instructions

How to Install a Matillion ETL Shared Job

Author: Matillion